Simmons Sleep Over

Can a furniture and bedding showroom actually be liveable? Sure, they look nice, but can a group of people actually spend time in one? Deep Living put this question to the test by inviting a group of bloggers to spend the night at the Deep Living showroom, utilising the range of furnitures on display to create a home away from home.

As discovered by Sarah Low, Felixia, Yumi, Erica, Mandy and Advertlet’s Josh Lim, it is entirely possible to spend time in a furniture showroom – and very comfortably, too! The bloggers set up home at 8pm and had dinner and champagne, watched movies and slept beautifully on the Simmonds mattresses. The bloggers also blogged about their experience, which can be found here:




When it was time to pack up and head home, the bloggers seemed just that little bit reluctant to go!