Slumberland. The Most Comfortable Place In The World

Originally from United Kingdom, Established in 1919 as Crown Bedding in Oldham, Lancashire. Slumberland is the leading mattress company in innovation of Bedding Technology. The company manafacturers high quality mattresses and divans and selling to local and export retail and institutional channels.


More Springs As Compared To Standard Systems

Posture Springing System’s unique formation offers many more number of springs, hence enhancing the comfort and support of the body.

Triangular Formation

Triangular spring units take vertical and horizontal pressures without distortion.

Each Spring Is Knitted To Its Neighbours

Inner spring links disperse the weight of the sleeper along the spring rows.

Slumberland Pocketed Posture Springing System

Springs adjust according to the natural shape and posture of the spine. Flexibility to absord the movement of the whole body while accomodating each small change in overall distribution of the body weight.

Slumberland Comfortplush Pocketed Springing System

Using state-of-the-art technology, the coils in a Slumberland matteress are individually heat-glude together at the side to form an entire mattress. This allows movement on one side of the mattress to be isolated.

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